Inmoov by B.Stott

I have been in contact with someone since a while now, and I can tell you that person is really working on InMoov's hands. In fact, some suggestions came from him, for exemple the new brackets and the rotational bicep. 
Have a look at all his pictures, he did a great job. I am so delighted when I see others constructions, it really helps to make me go on with this project.
Thanks B.Stott
To see more of his work:  Here


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  2. hi man thanks for the help, i come here for youtube :)
    but i have questions.

    as do the mechanism for lifting a finger?
    I see you used cables, but as well make it move your finger?
    what kind of cable you use?

    1. Hi jerson,
      I used 2 nylon threads of 0.8mm to actuate each finger with one servomotor TowerPro MG995. If you search a little on the blog and the download links you will should find most of the answers you are looking for.
      Best regards

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  4. how to contract and expand the finger with nylons? i dont understand this part

    1. I have two nylon rods per finger. When the servo rotates, it pulls nylon1 and release nylon2. Now make the servo rotate the other way and it pulls back nylon2, releasing nylon1.
      see this picture: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XFKHfHxbb6E/T-SUwwIa0CI/AAAAAAAAANY/qLownYrN_ZE/s1600/DSC04949.JPG

      Hope this helps

    2. yeah, but i want to see, as you put exactly the nylon in the fingers.
      this mechanism do not have in Pictures :C

    3. If you look at the parts of the fingers, once printed, it is easy to understand. There is two channels where the nylons run through. One on top and one on the bottom.

    4. thanks i understand now :) but i have another problem, in this video
      how to rotate the hand? use another servo?
      and... how to so that the nylons do not get tangled when rotate? (zorry i use google traductor)

    5. Have a look on the blog in here, it is all explained.
      In this section:
      "Here are some instructions to illustrate the building of the rotational wrist part."

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    7. ok Thanks for your time :)
      if I finish my work I'll send you a photo :)
      but I'll do it with wood, I have enough money for a 3D printer: C

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