InMoov gets his abdomen working

A video that explains the actuation of the abdomen of InMoov. Below those new parts will start the hip mecanism.
The pole support is getting weak and I have to secure the robot when he moves to the sides during the video. I need to make a better pole for the MakerFaire.
The ball bearings are pretty good and I think I will modify the shoulder parts to give the choice to new builders.
Grog of MyRobotLab has just fixed the InMoov service, so these new parts can be initialized with the rest of the robot script.
This is going to be fun for new gestures and movements!
I will release these parts at the end of June, beginning of July after running tests.  


Makerfaire paris


  1. Congratulations on the great work, I look forward to seeing further improvements and additions.

  2. This is fantastic work. I was wondering when the lower stomak parts would be released?

  3. Hi Gael. I'm printing now right and left hands. No servos yet. Have you tried open sourece Wings 3D? I tried the Wings 3D feature on the thumb stl file. It improved allot. Very smoth surfaces.
    Thanks again

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