InMoov2 hand progress

I worked recently on the new InMoov hand (InMoov2 hand). I had stopped a few months ago because my wire connections had something wrong and I had burned the Arduino Nano and one of the motor driver board. Being very buzy in all directions, kinect, legs,Nervo boards, Makerfaires,  I got driven away from it until 3 days ago.
Thanks to Leon and Marten which gave me a set of new Arduino Nano, I could start to work again. ( To remind who are Leon and Marten: they are getting the Nervo boards ready and they came to the Makerfaire Paris and Roma)
So getting back on it, I discovered what I done wrong and finally got the index and thumb working. The script I use gives very simple keyboard fonctions for now , although it took me a very long time to adapt it to my needs., but it is mostly a proof of concept. I'm still stucked though with the thumb actuation. For some reason (unknown) it extends but doesn't retract. I wonder if the driver I'm using got burned somehow during my previous attempts or if it is a script problem.

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  2. can you give mechanical design of the handincluding joints and placement of motors my gmail id sanjudevassy444@gmail.com


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