November & December

Tech Fest India

Thanks to Ashrith for inviting me, Nicolas and Marc to the TechFest.
Thanks to Aatur, Allan, Bhavya for organizing this trip and being so kind and helpfull during those 6 days.
Thanks to Sandrine Maximillien of the French Embassy, who has made it possible to get my passport and visa in time. And also managed for me to bring InMoov in my luggage.
More than 90 000 visitors in three days went through this tent. You can only imagine how intense this was. The Tech Fest is a free entrance event, anybody from India can come. The crowd was so huge that every 2 minutes, it was a new load of 30 people to whom we had to explain what is InMoov, Bionico, Open Source, 3D printer, robot and prosthetic.
After the 3 days, Nicolas and I were totally washed out, but happy to have done it!!


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  1. You are heroes ! After all these adventures and trips around planet earth in 2014 i may suggest to plan the next tour on the moon, then mars before 2020.

    Congratulations Gael ! And happy new year !


  2. Great post, I love the work you've done. I've read everything in this web page. I know that inmoov isn't finished,and if I had a 3d printer I'd be building one myself, but have you ever thought about using bioteck on inmoov?

  3. These type of events are a great way to learn more and make new discoveries.

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