Orange 3d printed hand

Why not in orange!
see  http://rymdstekel.blogspot.pt/
One recommendation I should suggest after having build a few hands, is to start lining the fishing rods from the servos to the finger tip. That way, when you make the knots at the tip, you can really pull and adjust the tension of the fishing rods. I found you can make more knots BEHIND the first knot to pull the rods at maximum. (I will make pictures of this technique to explain better soon)

Also the other day I discovered this http://robosavvy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=34865
Which is a way to convert InMoov STL files to CAD, I'm sure it will be handy for some of you.


Finally have been able to upload "thumb5" and "leftthumb5" on thingiverse.

By the way, I made a modification on "bolt_entretoise1" to "bolt_entretoise2" because the previous version had oversized bolts in length, I expected people to just cut them. But seeing pictures from the builders, I realized it confused somehow their assembly. I also added a fastening ring for the bolt that goes in the wrist.


InMoov by Brianhomer + Sugru

You should look at this video posted by brianhomer where he shows his final project. 
The project consist of using InMoov hand controlled through an Arduino with a power glove made by himself.
The demonstration with the can definitly shows that finger tips need to have silicone patchs in order to grab objects correctly. 
I have stumbled on a material that could be perfect for this use, I haven't tried it but it seems promising and easy to use. 
Google: sugru rubber
This material could be applied by hand directly on tips or even casted in a printed mold...
Anyway it seems a much easier solution then the one I used on my first hand.

Another thing about brianhomer project is the fact he used only one cable per finger which makes the return of fingers "uncertain", but he plans on building a second hand so I hope to see totally fonctionnal.

I contacted him to see if he would be kind enough to give me the Arduino sketch he came up for his power hand, it could save us time.


Alright, I have fixed thumb4 problem to thumb5. I actually have no idea why it became bigger and couldn't fit wriargeV3 anymore. But I can't seem to upload it to thingiverse on the moment. It's been three days. I am located with a very poor internet connection at the moment. Hope this won't be long. Be patient, or if you are so desperate, go to thingiverse and send me your email, I will return you the STL.