I finally updated all fingers hinges to make it much easier for assembly. If you have an acurate printer there shouldn't be anymore filling nor drilling. Although I have a quality reputated printer, holes shrink a little because of the overhang. I tried of making snap in parts like suggested Easton Lachapelle, but with the test I did, the strength of the traction exerced by the rods would disassemble the hinges.
Anyway, I received the AS5040 Magnetic encoders ordered for the big servos. Soon time for electronics and adventure I really don't know much about...

Also trying to teach InMoov with voice recognition, and object detection. I'm far still from any good result. My camera is not even detected by the software myrobotlab, but the voice gives results. I tried to make him say something before he starts the action but I get really confused in some implementation for now. Those new softwares and concepts have to make their way in my brain first before to be applied to InMoov. 

Here is a little video:

There is someone that needs your interest at the moment, he has done a great job on producing a printable hand in one piece if I understand right. He plans on creating another version you can discover.
He has launched an indiegogo campaign here