InMoov at the Bal of Robot

I have a lot to say but I can't find time to write this post.
So I will make it short.
I have been busy to a point of no return, hey!
-Working to create a logo for InMoov.
-3D printing the stomach parts, testing, modifying, reprinting and finaly assembling them.
-Organizing what will be coming next on InMoov.
-Searching how to create cheap, fast, reliable actuators to developp the legs.
-Getting the InMoov prosthetic hand to it's final result.(Not happy yet)
-Getting a serious power servo PCB board done in China with the collaboration of Leon and Marten (NL) -Organising with WeVolver the future of InMoov as a complete developpement plateform and producing low cost kits.  

Here is InMoov with his logo on the NEW stomach parts,


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