InMoov's head and shoulders

Hey all,
Here is what I've got until now. I found some very talented people that are helping to developpe InMoov's brain. GroG is the guy that runs Myrobotlab and he has been helping to get InMoov listening to commands.
If you download his GUI you can do all kinds of interesting things with your robot. The neat part is that you can do all that with any Arduino board. The GUI still needs developpement but I have confidence to get to a point where I will understand how it works.
This a small video explaining some basic use of Myrobotlab.

And I have made a video with the last printed parts mounted on the robot.
Have a look it's getting to a point where it starts to look like something...
Hope you enjoy it!


InMoov at the Makerfaire

InMoov was presented at the Makerfaire of Pittsburgh by Brian. He had been working hard to get all his things ready for display. We can't see it on the picture but he also had a Rostock delta 3d printer he builded. Things didn't go like Brian wanted though that day, apparently some kids went aggressive on the 3D printed fingers... And on other presented things.
I have seen a video made that day by the local TV where he desperatly tempted to present InMoov, but that also didn't turn out like he wanted.
Anyway, I want to make a Special Thanks for his efforts that day.


Bicep video of InMoov

Well, that took me a while to post. I just couldn't find the right moment for to make that video.
I should make a "making of", because for to achieve this one, I had to redo it five times . Between the phone that rings, the ground plug from the Arduino that disconnect, and me kicking the table and not knowing anymore what I am talking about...
You are lucky to finally see a video, I tell you.

This picture is for to show the latest covers of the bicep, looking from close at the picture you can see in the background the head of InMoov.

I work on the head when I get stucked in engineering some other parts, for example the shoulder has given me headaches, so from time to time I start studiying the head, it's eyes movments with the camera and other fun things.

 Update 07/10/12 covers are uploaded on Thingiverse.