3D PrintShow London Paris + Prosthetic

InMoov will be presented for the 3D Print Show in London and Paris.
London 7-9 november, Business Design Center
Paris 15-16 november, Carrousel du Louvres.
I do keep myself busy lately... A bit too much in fact.
Make is organising a big robot hack and InMoov is involved. There should be a bunch of hangout sessions.  This is going to be fun!! Chuck Fletcher, who presented his robot InMoov to the New York MakerFaire is going to be part of the sessions as well.
Here is the link to the article.

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Warm the printers!

Okay, as I said before to go to Roma, parts for the rest of the Torso are ready for download.
This includes the surroundings of the kinect and it's casing.
You will need a whole bunch of parts which are added to the torso CubeHero downloads.

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Makerfaire European Edition

Four days of geekiness with Makers from all over Europe!
It all went very smooth, no problems with the flights and InMoov arrived safely. No broken jaw or shoulder.
It was pretty intensive, but what a great time.
I meet Leonardo (who's made this website) and Alessandro (Ambassador of MyRobotLab), and we shared some unforgetable moments.

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Getting ready for Roma

Wow this is it! Tomorrow we are going to Roma to present Inmoov at the Europeen Makerfaire. 
I'm pretty excited, hopefully everything will go smoothly, starting with douanes and the airports. 3D printing is a major concern for the authorities since some fools printed guns, now any printed stuff can be potentially a weapon. 
Since you could print a Makerbot rabbit that works as a gun, who knows what form a gun could take. 
Anyway, I really wonder how this is going to be evaluated by the "douanes". As you know Inmoov is filled with cables, motors and batteries. Hopefully when they open my suitcase they will see a robot and not something else. 
How does this looks to you?

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