Bicep for your Robot

This is it!
Today is the releasing day of the bicep, and the beginning of the shoulder.
Gee, since the last post I had again to redesign SO many parts it is unbelievable. First the shoulder isn't going to be like I thought because I encountered some direction problems, it didn't look human anymore... 
It was freaky! the shoulder was huge and too high which made InMoov like he had arms way too long.

Some pictures of the bicep, I have done many pictures of the whole building process, to make it easy to build. Actually it will be easier for you guys to build the bicep then the forarm.

I'm planning on making a step by step with pictures, just that, it's so much work.

Covers aren't ready yet, I am still working on the design, after all this is what gives the final look. The one you see on the pictures are just for show off, but it should be something close.

 Hope you enjoy it, because I do. When I see that arm moving by itself I feel like being in a sci-fi movie.

I need to make a little video to show how this works. As soon as I receive my white  ABS and I can print the rest of the covers.

Update 21/09/12: Assembly instructions uploaded in Tab "Assembly help" .
Update 01/10/12: Assembly sketchs uploaded in Tab "Assemblysketchs".


Inmoov robot shoulder

Well, it's been a while since I haven't been able to print something. Holidays... I had been reviewing the concept of the shoulder. Not that my first system didn't work, but I wanted to get really more DOF. Sometimes I'm amazed of how many parts  I have to design and redesign under Blender before to finally be able to print them. Then, often, I have to redesign them again because of mistakes I discover once they are printed...
A box full of printed parts that are all for the trash.

Anyway, this should be something good, I am surprised of the strength it gives. Those HS-805BB servos are amazing.
This is what I plan on getting for the shoulder. Each cylinder has a servo motor and can rotate at 180°.
The cylinder contains a gear with a worm drive related to the servo.
I have extracted the potentiometer of the servo and fix it in the center of the cylinder.

 This is what I have printed so far, I had to print in green because I don't have anymore white ABS...It should arrive soon though. I really don't like this green... It doesn't look right on the robot, although I have nothing against bio colors.

Here it's mounted to the bicep, I had to redesign the mechanism system, and it isn't printed yet


Inmoov by B.Stott

I have been in contact with someone since a while now, and I can tell you that person is really working on InMoov's hands. In fact, some suggestions came from him, for exemple the new brackets and the rotational bicep. 
Have a look at all his pictures, he did a great job. I am so delighted when I see others constructions, it really helps to make me go on with this project.
Thanks B.Stott
To see more of his work:  Here