Torso for InMoov on Cubehero

Hi all,
The torso parts, which allows you to make the junction between the two shoulders and the neck, are uploaded on Cubehero for the moment.
I'm trying to see how that works.

Of course for now the site doesn't look as fancy, compared to Thingiverse, and has some problems to be solved. I can't remove a part that was uploaded by mistake. (It's the one with no thingiview image)
But the guy that runs it is very responsive.


For the building of those parts, check the Tab "Assembly help", it is explained with the shoulders construction. 

When I will have a bit of time I will add some sketchs.

My troubles with power supply are completly gone since I use the batteries. Remember in a previous post, I had jittering servos which would move erraticaly. 
No more of that, I can really focus on the next parts. 
The good news about battery powering, is that it makes InMoov independant for the days he is going to walk around.( Well if he ever walks around...)
One battery is enough to power all the servos, I had bought three, so I'm using all three.
They are very cheap, I found them on a special offer for 8 euros each.

This is great! I found it in my street, someone had dumped a desk chair with wheels, although it is forbidden to dump in the streets.
At least it made a happy finder.
I removed the seat, added a metal tube I had laying in the workshop. It's a super stand for InMoov until he gets his own wheels or feet.