Inmoov robot shoulder

Well, it's been a while since I haven't been able to print something. Holidays... I had been reviewing the concept of the shoulder. Not that my first system didn't work, but I wanted to get really more DOF. Sometimes I'm amazed of how many parts  I have to design and redesign under Blender before to finally be able to print them. Then, often, I have to redesign them again because of mistakes I discover once they are printed...
A box full of printed parts that are all for the trash.

Anyway, this should be something good, I am surprised of the strength it gives. Those HS-805BB servos are amazing.
This is what I plan on getting for the shoulder. Each cylinder has a servo motor and can rotate at 180°.
The cylinder contains a gear with a worm drive related to the servo.
I have extracted the potentiometer of the servo and fix it in the center of the cylinder.

 This is what I have printed so far, I had to print in green because I don't have anymore white ABS...It should arrive soon though. I really don't like this green... It doesn't look right on the robot, although I have nothing against bio colors.

Here it's mounted to the bicep, I had to redesign the mechanism system, and it isn't printed yet