InMoov2 hand progress

I worked recently on the new InMoov hand (InMoov2 hand). I had stopped a few months ago because my wire connections had something wrong and I had burned the Arduino Nano and one of the motor driver board. Being very buzy in all directions, kinect, legs,Nervo boards, Makerfaires,  I got driven away from it until 3 days ago.
Thanks to Leon and Marten which gave me a set of new Arduino Nano, I could start to work again. ( To remind who are Leon and Marten: they are getting the Nervo boards ready and they came to the Makerfaire Paris and Roma)
So getting back on it, I discovered what I done wrong and finally got the index and thumb working. The script I use gives very simple keyboard fonctions for now , although it took me a very long time to adapt it to my needs., but it is mostly a proof of concept. I'm still stucked though with the thumb actuation. For some reason (unknown) it extends but doesn't retract. I wonder if the driver I'm using got burned somehow during my previous attempts or if it is a script problem.

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Adafruit post an article about InMoov.

Adafruit 3D Community Spotlight

Photos of Gael Langevin / InMoov Raphaël Creton
Sculptor/designer Gael Langevin from Paris is the creator of InMoov (and on twitter), one of the most popular 3D printing robotics projects in the short history of desktop 3D printing. With photos of various builds of InMoov popping up all over the world — and featured in a many articles looking to show off what is possible with a 3D printer — this humanoid robot is one of the most recognizable faces (literally) of the “3D printing revolution.”

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Makerfaire Roma and Rennes

This month was our second Makerfaire in Roma since I started the InMoov project. We got there just in time with the airplane to get ready with the robot for the next day opening. No problems with customs.

We were set along with the French Makerfaire team, Barbot, Bertier Luyt and Jean-Baptiste and 3DprinterX tattoo Machine.
Alessandro Didonna was already on the set with his girlfriend, along with Bram Geenen of Wevolver. The location we had was perfect, a huge place with a lot of people passing through, not too much noise, which is good when you talk to the robots.
As planned, there was also Leon and Marten, that had a booth. Unfortunatly they were far away from us, and we only saw each at the end of the days when it was time for Pizza!!!
They had brought their DIY  Gimbal camera stand, a very well made Submarine (1m20) and the second version of the InMoov Nervo boards all ready and soldered to be mounted on the Arduino boards. Alessandro also got a kit. They offered me for my birthday an extra Arduino Mega board!!! Thanks guys!
I bet when the builders are going to see those picture, they are going to ask when are they going to be for sale... Sorry for the delays, but I'm not the only one in the loop on this. :)


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Geek Picnic 2 and New York Makerfaire

St Petersburg during summer can be very, very nice!!
And so was the Geek Picnic in Russia, with beautiful sunny days and incredibly a lot of people.
InMoov was doing the front cover on the website and flyers:
The environment of the Geek Picnic and the area where we presented the robot was very nice, and we had enough space to move around and make our demonstrations. The only trouble was the sound… I hardly could give voice commands to the robot because we had a sort of disco shop with loud speakers big enough for a Rolling Stones concert.


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InMoov in New York

Come and see InMoov in New-York at the World Makerfaire this week-end.
I will be there along with MyRobotLab and WeVolver, Bionico.
We will have three InMoov robots displayed, lots of other projects with InMoov and of course a bunch of Makers and builders to talk to.



June and July for InMoov + Stomach parts

Ok, this is getting a bit too much to handle.
I barely find time to post on the website, I don't keep up with correspondance. InMoov is taking a bit too much space on my real life.
So please Dear InMoov followers be patient.

So in june we did the Futur en Seine event and we've met very interesting people and groups, in fact we have been approached and invited by Dassault Systems, they offer a developpement plateform which could be interesting for InMoov's futur.
The space at Futur en Seine was extremely loud :) Average 95db and up to 110DB recorded at peaks.
Although I never presented the robot in such a loud place, we did manage an Interview with Clubic.com:
Clubic.com InMoov at Futur en Seine
Here are some pictures of the event on our InMoov Tweeter.

Then we did the First Paris MakerFaire. This was very nice because Alessandro came to Paris with his girlfriend, brother in law and his InMoov robot.
We both had a bit of trouble with our robots, these things happen sometimes. Mine got the mouth servo burned and the Leap Motion hand was out of function.
Alessandro had been printing a lots of parts for his robot with 1 shell setting at 30% infill. And two of his parts delaminated under the arm weight. Fortunatly I could reprint during the night in my workshop and during the day we were surrounded by 3D printers. Thanks to the Fabshop for helping on this.
Alessandro was doing cool demonstrations with kinematic movements and 4 PID eye tracking.
He had made some super T-shirts with the new logo, which we all were very happy to wear. These will be for sale on the InMoov site somewhere in september, if I get some time to organize that.
And above all, we were protected by the Force.

InMoov With the Force

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New Servo Power Board for InMoov

As I said in my last post, I am working together with two Dutch builders (NL) to develop a shield for the Arduino boards to power up the servos of InMoov.
Leon and Marten have recently taken the Servo Power Board to the next level by getting real PCBs manufactured. Marten created the Gerber files following my recommendations but adding his professional knowledge which I really enjoyed to see.
Leon and Marten are now in the process to assemble one of them with ribbons and components, so later I can test them for The Makerfaire Paris. This will improve greatly the ease of built for new robotic builders.
If all goes well, they will be available on the site in July.
See pictures of Leon's progress:


InMoov gets his abdomen working

A video that explains the actuation of the abdomen of InMoov. Below those new parts will start the hip mecanism.
The pole support is getting weak and I have to secure the robot when he moves to the sides during the video. I need to make a better pole for the MakerFaire.
The ball bearings are pretty good and I think I will modify the shoulder parts to give the choice to new builders.
Grog of MyRobotLab has just fixed the InMoov service, so these new parts can be initialized with the rest of the robot script.
This is going to be fun for new gestures and movements!
I will release these parts at the end of June, beginning of July after running tests.  


Makerfaire paris


InMoov at the Bal of Robot

I have a lot to say but I can't find time to write this post.
So I will make it short.
I have been busy to a point of no return, hey!
-Working to create a logo for InMoov.
-3D printing the stomach parts, testing, modifying, reprinting and finaly assembling them.
-Organizing what will be coming next on InMoov.
-Searching how to create cheap, fast, reliable actuators to developp the legs.
-Getting the InMoov prosthetic hand to it's final result.(Not happy yet)
-Getting a serious power servo PCB board done in China with the collaboration of Leon and Marten (NL) -Organising with WeVolver the future of InMoov as a complete developpement plateform and producing low cost kits.  

Here is InMoov with his logo on the NEW stomach parts,


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Makerfaire paris


InMoov on ARTE TV, Futurmag

In French:

 In German:

This is a interview given to 3DNatives, also in French.
Sorry for all the english readers, but France is my home country and I'm happy to see french people finally discover 3D printing and what goodies it can bring!!

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Arduino Day for MyRobotLab and InMoov

Well as some already know we went to Amsterdam for the Arduino day. The event was organized by Richard and Bram of Ground3D, whom I've met during the 55 printers world record last year in Utrecht.

It took place on the Overkant in Amsterdam, a rather huge working place, where makers gather to build things. The makers had brought their creations along and of course there was some interesting things to see and to talk about. Arduino was one of the subject. :)

Leon, an InMoov follower, although he hasn't started to build one, was there and had brought some amazing copters made partly with a 3D printer and avery nice CNC he has recently developped. I also had the occasion to test a self balancing mecanism for cameras which gave me some ideas for the hips rotations.

Using InMoov2.0 in public for the first time was interesting, everything worked well. I really enjoyed to "detach" "attach" the servos from power source through voice commands. The 4PID worked perfect. The "search humans" had a rough time because of too many faces to chose from.
Tracking an object seemed a bit less accurate than before, but all the other commands worked very nicely.

This Lady has taken good care of me, preparing "toasties" for my lunch and coffees. Very nice!

Leon's Copter.

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InMoov prosthetic hand almost ready

 You can find more scripts for MRL and for InMoov in the Download tab:

If the script is a Inmoov.xxx it is for the MRL version 1695
If the script is a inmoov2.xxx it is for the latest versions
I have modified the pin setting of jaw servo between the two versions
I have added eyes pins which now allow 4 PID tracking.
-Version 1695 pin 12 on Arduino Uno (right side of the robot)
-Version latests pin 26 on Arduino Mega (left side of the robot)
You can find the hardware map and pins connections for inmoov 2.0 here:
InMoov 2.0 is a new service implemented in MyRobotLab, FASTER, STRONGER, BETTER!!
It is not completely functional but it will have more features than inmoov 1.0

Thanks to Grog, and Alessandro we are progressing!!
Patchwork by Grog


InMoov in Moscow, Geek Picnic

Still a few years ago I would have never thought that one day I could set a foot on the Russian ground. When the staff of the Geek Picnic invited us to come to Moscow, my wife and I said: "sure why not", but somehow it still seemed like something that wouldn't happen.
Slowly days of the event approached and the staff was organizing the trip seriously, hotel reservations, flight tickets, pass for the entrance. But on our side we still had to do a lot, get the visas, prepare the robot to make sure it would work correctly. Most important, and we found that out only two days before our departure, we had to get a form for to declare all parts we were going to make go through the customs.
If you are used with this kind of forms you might think it's easy, but for us it almost became a nightmare. To the point we almost decided not to go.

Right reserved.

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InMoov on the New Yorker.

Although the article isn't about InMoov but about Artificial intelligence I appreciate the idea.

What I don't appreciate though, is that the picture they used is copyrighted from Getty Image and it gives no attribution to InMoov.  I remember very well who took that picture in London. Almost everybody would ask the permission to take pictures of the robot, but this photographer did not, it was a professional because he had set his camera on foot and away enough so I wouldn't remark him.

That same night the picture was for sale on Getty Image with under text saying: An employee talking with the robot InMoov.  :(

InMoov on New Yorker

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