Iphone controls InMoov

Luckily I just got an Iphone. 
About a year ago when I was working on how to configure my PC to control the arm with a keyboard, I was getting help from Zack through the Net. Back then he said, if I had an Iphone I could certainly control the servos with an Iphone. Unfortunatly I wasn't possessing one.

A week ago, I finally got one and a few days later a new InMoov builder posted a video on Youtube which was actually exactly what Zack had been talking about.
Brancante, the new builder, was kind enough to post a simple tutorial on the forum, which I followed and adapted to a whole arm. Of course it would need more adaptation for to use it controlling both Arduino boards, but the results are fun and interesting.

This is not going through Myrobotlab. Although Grog, a few months ago, has been mentionning this possibility to play with the bot.

In the following video, beside using the Iphone, I demonstrate how the robot can lift weight. it has been a recurrent question, because some builders seem to have trouble with their replicant for to just lift a arm. Even though they use the same servos as me. I think the key is to make sure every thing runs smooth and to grease very well the wormgears. If parts are to tight or not smooth enough, it adds difficulty and stress to the servos.
I'm just amazed how those tiny little motors can be so powerfull at the end.

I had ordered servos for the legs by Hobbyking, but the post has lost them, this is going to delay even more my research, unfortunatly. I hope it will be solved soon and to get a refund somehow...

The ankle and foot mechanism was printed and tested, I definitly need to redesign a few pieces for strength but all together it operates as expected. I'm sure a lot of robotisist would laugh if they see my design, because creating a real foot shape for a robot that needs to walk is still pretty much an aberation. Most of the robots I see have feet made out of large plates to ensure their stability. But I can't force myself to reduce a humanoid looking robot to have feet like an elephant. Even if he never walks because of that choice.

Aaah, I guess we can always screw large boards under his feet...