InMoov Vision Tracking

Last night I made a test after Grog from MyrobotLab has been improving the service tracking for InMoov.
It works pretty well out of the box, I am always amazed how Grog can do those modifications. The movements are rather smooth. If I move the object too fast, InMoov loses the track, so there is a bit of tweaking to do, but there is solutions.
The movement of the head uses only two servos for now, up/down, left/right. There is another servo (HK15298) for to actuate the jaw, but it isn't actif yet. Then two small servos (XGD-11HMB) will be used for to actuate the eyes/camera. I haven't tried these small servos yet, but they can actuate 3kg at 6V, it should be enough. It means later, four servos will be using PID controlled for the vision tracking. 
We should get further very soon I think.