Printing parts

Like I said on the forum two weeks ago, after the request of builders without printers, I contacted a Printing service which I work with sometimes, I knew their prices would be high...
So, I finally got prices from them. The news isn't so great.
Prices are too high to my taste. Way too high.You might as well buy yourself a printer and start printing, you would be better off. The two arms + torso comes in a range of 3000 euros.

The goal of InMoov is to be built at a reasonable price for most DIYers. 
While printing on your own machine there is the cost of electricity and materials of course. Time consuming doesn't cost you if you do this for the fun (that's the way I see it), but a printing service takes that in consideration and the price goes way up.

Now I'm up with another option, but I still need to gather more details about it, because it is a big step.
We will see in a few weeks if this new plan is viable. 

In the meantime, I started to work on a leg for the fun.