InMoov on the New Yorker.

Although the article isn't about InMoov but about Artificial intelligence I appreciate the idea.

What I don't appreciate though, is that the picture they used is copyrighted from Getty Image and it gives no attribution to InMoov.  I remember very well who took that picture in London. Almost everybody would ask the permission to take pictures of the robot, but this photographer did not, it was a professional because he had set his camera on foot and away enough so I wouldn't remark him.

That same night the picture was for sale on Getty Image with under text saying: An employee talking with the robot InMoov.  :(

InMoov on New Yorker

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  1. I'm sorry about the rude circumstances under which the picture was taken and used. But you're still famous as the man who is building this incredible robot, and giving people all the information they need to follow along with you.