InMoov in Moscow, Geek Picnic

Still a few years ago I would have never thought that one day I could set a foot on the Russian ground. When the staff of the Geek Picnic invited us to come to Moscow, my wife and I said: "sure why not", but somehow it still seemed like something that wouldn't happen.
Slowly days of the event approached and the staff was organizing the trip seriously, hotel reservations, flight tickets, pass for the entrance. But on our side we still had to do a lot, get the visas, prepare the robot to make sure it would work correctly. Most important, and we found that out only two days before our departure, we had to get a form for to declare all parts we were going to make go through the customs.
If you are used with this kind of forms you might think it's easy, but for us it almost became a nightmare. To the point we almost decided not to go.

Right reserved.

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  1. Excellent post. So glad to see how well you were received in Moscow. I feel like Inmoov has many more trips and appearances in his future.
    Thank you again for sharing your vision and experiences with us all.
    Dwayne (dwilli9013)

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