InMoov prosthetic hand almost ready

 You can find more scripts for MRL and for InMoov in the Download tab:

If the script is a Inmoov.xxx it is for the MRL version 1695
If the script is a inmoov2.xxx it is for the latest versions
I have modified the pin setting of jaw servo between the two versions
I have added eyes pins which now allow 4 PID tracking.
-Version 1695 pin 12 on Arduino Uno (right side of the robot)
-Version latests pin 26 on Arduino Mega (left side of the robot)
You can find the hardware map and pins connections for inmoov 2.0 here:
InMoov 2.0 is a new service implemented in MyRobotLab, FASTER, STRONGER, BETTER!!
It is not completely functional but it will have more features than inmoov 1.0

Thanks to Grog, and Alessandro we are progressing!!
Patchwork by Grog


  1. époustouflante!!!

  2. Gael, its getting better every day, i dont know how you do it all, but i wish i had 10% of you understanding of it all! I am truly inspired about the inmoov project, and it is that i am on disability pension, otherwise i would gladly support you in any way possible.
    Thanks for spending so much time into the project and sharing it with us. It gave me personally a goal to try and be as creative and thinking outside the box like you do. Hoping when you are in town you could give me some pointers and take a look at my robot. Your opinion is appreciated!

    Gr Wilco

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